The 7 Chakra-Steps to Manifest Your Thriving Yoga Business

The 7 Chakra-Steps to Manifest Your Thriving Yoga Business
5-week Training Intensive
August 29th – September 26th
Dear Conscious Yoga Teacher,
Are you ready to serve more students, reach the world with your message, make great money, doing what you love, and create a passive income source, for yourself, by taking your business online?
This yoga business-enhancing program is for you if you are…

Struggling to fill your classes and attract your tribe
Frustrated because you know you have gifts and talents to share but you’re confused on what steps to take to get started online
Exchanging time for dollars in one-on-one sessions and studio classes teaching 10-15 classes per week just to get by
Ready to open a new money channel and add $500-$2500 to your monthly income
It is your birthright to live in abundance and yet so many yoga teachers struggle to fill their classes and make enough money to thrive not just survive.
My name is Rebecca Snowball. I’m a yoga entrepreneur and founder of Yoga Soul and The Vibrant Yoga Entrepreneur. I was once a struggling yoga teacher teaching 12-15 classes a week just to make ends meet. Even with a full teaching schedule and well-attended classes, at the end of the month, after all the bills were paid, there wasn’t much money left over. I was surviving. I was making it but I wasn’t prospering. And, I was getting tired of driving around, all day, from location to location, to teach.
I was even losing my passion for yoga because I couldn’t get ahead financially. I was burnt out.
Two years ago, I crossed the virtual bridge and took my business online. For the first time, in over a decade of teaching, I am set up to make money while I am in shavasana!
Imagine waking up to money! You wake up, have your usual morning tea or coffee, meditate, and sit down to check your email. The first words you read are, “Notification of Payment Received…” This message is from PayPal alerting you that while you were sleeping, one of your students purchased your program or product. Money literally came into your account while you were sleeping.
I can’t tell you how good it feels to make money without ever stepping foot outside of your house, or before you’ve even pulled up your lululemons to head out for day of teaching yoga.
It is nourishing when you allow abundance into your life and money to flood into your bank account. It is freeing and it is right.
When you take your business online, you open a new channel for money to flow to you. It feels amazing to open a new money channel for your Yoga Business!
image of alison marks
For years I have struggled with finding a way to share my expertise with a wider audience and get myself better known in my field. Rebecca really helped me get clear on what I had to offer and empowered me to set up an online course to share my knowledge with yoga teachers all over the world. At first it was overwhelming, I had no idea where to start or how to make it happen. Rebecca was my virtual bridge to online seminars, in just a few short months I have offered 3 teleseminars, am getting worldwide exposure, and building an online community of yoga teachers! I am having so much fun working this way and it’s just the beginning. Thank you Rebecca for your encouragement and support and getting me started on this path.

Stacey Rosenberg
image of chris king
I knew that conducting online webinars and teleseminars could help my business tremendously but I didn’t know exactly how to do it! All the technology can be so confusing. I was also unsure of the details of running a live webinar and how it all worked. I found Rebecca’s live “How To Create A Webinar” program at just the right time! Her program was thorough and informative. She made the information so easy to understand and gave us actionable tasks to do so there was no confusion about what to do. She also totally demystified the technology piece as well. Rebecca also went above and beyond by setting up a Facebook group so we could all support each other and continue the journey. Rebecca made sure that we could continue to ask her questions and get help. It also helped with accountability and follow through. I highly recommend Rebecca Snowball and her courses/programs to anyone who wants to serve more people and make a bigger difference in the world. She knows her stuff!

Chris King
4th chakra
Working with Rebecca Snowball has empowered me to take my career to the next level. Rebecca has given me tools to create the business of my dreams. With her guidance and support I have been able to create an entire program which utilizes my skills and talents to help women achieve vibrant health. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. Rebecca leads with love and allows her generosity and talents to shine through while efficiently and effectively producing results. This is the best investment I have made for my business.

Mandy Main
Yoga Teacher ~ Ayurveda Practitioner ~ Wellness Coach
shannon frank-ball
Rebecca Snowball is a wise yoga business woman. I love her infectious excitement about working together to create a vibrant and lucrative soul-serving revenue flow. She is generous and clear with her knowledge about how to create an online presence and residual income through tele-classes. She simply and thoroughly outlines all the deets (that you can apply right away) to get started earning money and teaching from your home office! Most importantly, Rebecca joyfully makes herself accessible to help you create your way to your 1st tele-class.

Shannon Frank-Ball
Yoga Teacher, Athens, Georgia
stacy petersen
Working with Rebecca has been a huge blessing in my life and in my business. It feels amazing to have a mentor to help navigate the waters of creating a thriving and abundant Yoga business. Her guidance has helped me refine my vision, step forward toward my goals and to create a strong foundation on which to grow. There is no substitute for this support and I highly recommend her to anyone ready and willing to take the next in their business.

Stacy Petersen
I am passionate about teaching you exactly how to do this. In this 5-week training, I’ve taken the guess work out of this process and I will lead you, by the hand, and walk your through the 7-chakra steps to leverage your business!

In this 5-week training intensive we will ride the current of manifestation, together, in community, with like-minded yogis to create the yoga business of your dreams.

This is the very first time this program is available! You are in the right place at the right time because you are at the beginning of this evolution. You are going to get everything I’ve got, and more!

By the end of this training you will:

Have a daily consciousness ritual to keep you connected to your highest self and your purpose
Be crystal clear on your business vision
Know your authentic message and how to share it with your peeps
Be enlivened by relationships with your students and new business partners who are excited to help you promote your yoga offerings
Alchemize your business by taking the next best action to pull your business forward
Inject pleasure into your work week; it is essential for your success and is written into this program! Prepare to have fun!
Create your online yoga program your students will line up to take!

This training includes:

Weekly live training calls
The 7-Chakra Steps for Business Workbook
Private Facebook Forum for Yoga Entrepreneurs
Access to select VYE interviews
Guided Audio Visualizations and Meditation
20-minute private consultation call with Rebecca
Investment for this Business-Enhancing 5-week Intensive Training
Join me for this uplifting 5 week training! Experience the power of Yoga Teachers uniting in business!
Value $997
Investment $497
Thrive Now!